The 5th Exhibition
"Constructed with Wood"
-The Maturation and Evolution of Wooden Architecture-

June 25 - November 27 , 2022

Designing Tranquility Designing Tranquility

Exhibition Statement of Purpose

For thousands of years, the people of Japan have taken advantage of the lush green environment of these islands, using wood as a material to build houses and make everyday items. Incorporating wood into these things not only provides functionality, but also brings a sense of warmth, comfort, beauty, and love to their designs. To meet our modern era’s needs for urbanization and mass production, the world has come to use strong, noncombustible materials, such as metal, concrete, glass, and synthetic resins, for buildings, infrastructure, furniture, and fixtures. Many cities in Japan have followed the same path in their postwar rebuilding and modernization projects, as well as restoration efforts after major earthquakes. On the other hand, recent years have seen the development of hybrid timber, which combines wood with metals and adhesives to address the shortcomings of wood, such as its flammability and at-times-insufficient strength, leading to the development of engineered wood buildings. Kanazawa has been spared from the ravages of wars and major earthquakes, and has been able to preserve and pass down traditional techniques for using wood; as a result, it is one of the few cities in Japan that still retains its diverse wooden architecture and a healthy culture of woodworking. In addition to taking advantage of this tradition and local culture, Kanazawa has also been working to introduce engineered wood technologies, with the goal of becoming an even more multilayered "city of wood culture.” This exhibition, “Constructed with Wood: The Maturation and Evolution of Wooden Architecture,” was designed to provide material to consider toward the establishment of Kanazawa as such a city. We hope that it will provide visitors with an opportunity to think about ways to incorporate education and training related to wood, the use of wood, play involving wood, and forest-planting efforts into their daily lives, and to think about global environmental issues, such as the recycling of resources and the reduction of CO₂ emissions.

Mizuno Ichiro
Yoshiro and Yoshio Taniguchi Museum of Architecture, Kanazawa

Hours 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (No admittance after 4:30 p.m.)
Adults 800 yen [700 yen]
Seniors (65 and over) 600yen [600 yen]
Children and Students (high school and younger): Free
* [ ] Group rates for 20 and more
* You can also see the permanent exhibition at the same time.
Closed Mondays *When Monday is a national holiday, we will close the following weekday instead.
*The museum may close to prepare for special exhibits

  • Organized by : Yoshiro and Yoshio Taniguchi Museum of Architecture, Kanazawa (Kanazawa Cultural Promotion Foundation)
  • Planning : "Constructed with Wood –The Maturation and Evolution of Wooden Architecture–" Executive Committee
  • In Cooperation with : Kanazawa Institute of Technology / Kanazawa College of Art
  • Sponsored by : ASUKA Housing Co.,Ltd. / KOSHUKENSETSU GROUP / SHIMIZU CORPORATION / Takenaka Corporation / TAMAYA Construction Inc. / CHUTO Co.,Ltd. / Token Inc. / NEW HOUSE Co.,Ltd. / Mizuho Industry Co.,Ltd.